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With our ever expanding marketplace of buyers and full logistics support, we’ll deliver a fast track for your brand to China, the US and beyond.

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Your fast track to new markets

Working directly with major retailers in China, Europe and the US, we provide a rapid route to market for premium Food & Beverage brands struggling to establish substantial export sales.

A global marketplace of retail buyers

Carefully selected buyer matching

Guaranteed market entry strategy

Optimal returns with no middlemen

Fast track 3-6 month timescale


Secure client portal tools and reports

Full logistics and compliance support

Proactive account management

“We believe there is a better way to enter export markets. A more efficient, less complex way where substantial long-term opportunities are created for mutual benefit rather than being bought by sacrificing margins to intermediaries. We’re obsessively passionate about it, and our mission is to help you achieve it – and fast! ”

Colin Rainsforth

Director, Absolute Advantage

Rapid results. Lasting returns.

With selective buyer matching, we created an exclusive deal to supply premium British ales to China’s largest supermarket group with over 5,000 retail stores.

Our client – who currently exports to 57 countries – understands the maze of complexities of entering emerging markets, yet struggled for several years to enter the Chinese market before partnering with us.

Using our established relationships, expertise and understanding of the exact requirements of our buyers, our client began actively exporting 40ft containers of their flagship brands to China in less than 4 months.

This is a sharp contrast with the conventional entry path into the Chinese market which typically takes 3-5 years and £100,000+ up-front investment.

“Providing a friendly, open and professional approach, Absolute Advantage continues to maintain a vital link to our buyer, maintaining important relationships between Importer and Exporter in what is a difficult market.” International Account Manager

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Bigger sales. Better margins.

Working directly with our retail buyers, we’ve created multiple premium market entry deals for British distilleries supplying the US’s largest liquor store chains.

Since 2018 we’ve helped more than 40 premium spirits brands enter the US market at the highest level through our turnkey importation and national distribution, and won listings in  over 100 superstores in Arizona, California, Florida, New York, New Jersey, Texas, Georgia, Connecticut, Delaware, Massachusetts and Maryland.

“I’m delighted to recommend Absolute Advantage as a US export partner. As promised our first listing was obtained within six months of commencing work, and they have always gone the extra mile to ensure clarity every step of the way.”

Nicholas Browne

Co-founder, J&W Nicholson & Co

As our premium spirits portfolio continues to expand, our “retail-direct” model delivers the best possible margins for our clients while ensuring they retain total control of their brands – unlike conventional export models which typically hand control and the lion’s share of profits to third party distributors.

And with a growing team of brand ambassadors presenting our brands in stores across the US, our clients enjoy a proven market entry strategy, fully supported by professional boots on the ground.

How it works – snippet

How it works

Our proven market entry strategy makes exporting refreshingly simple. Just tell us what you want to export and we’ll match you up with buyers in our marketplace.


Tell us about your brand and where you’d like to start exporting your products to

We’ll pitch your products to carefully selected buyers in our marketplace to create deals just for you

We’ll organise door-to-door collection and delivery of samples to prospective buyers

We’ll work directly with you and our buyers to negotiate, establish and grow your sales

And because we only present one product at a time, you’ll always be one step ahead!*

* We’ll prepare and present your full commercial proposal directly to our buyers. And with only one brand being presented to each buyer at any time, you’ll never be lost in a portfolio with 100s of similar products or forced to cut your margins by competing tenders.

A refreshingly simple approach

With immediate access to market, simple monthly terms and our 100% money-back guarantee, growing your business with exports has never been so quick and easy.

Service features – include

A global marketplace of retail buyers

Just tell us what you want to export and we’ll match you up with the right buyers in our marketplace.

Carefully selected buyer matching

We’ll match and pitch your products to the right buyers in our marketplace so you get deals tailored to your business.

Optimal returns with no "middlemen"

We create “retail direct” deals to optimise your returns, create a highly attractive offer for the retailer and ensure sensible prices on the shelf.

Pitching and closing deals

We’ll create and pitch your full commercial proposal directly to our buyers on a 1-to-1 basis to create long-term, “retail direct” deals which are just for you.

Low commissions to protect your margins

With a small commission based on your ex-works price, we protect your margins and ensure a healthy return on investment for our clients.

Fast track 3-6 month timescale

We already have buyer relationships in place so you don’t need to waste time, money and effort on networking.

Door-to-door sample handling

We’ll organise everything from compliance to shipping to ensure your trade samples reach our buyers quickly, safely and legally.

Full logistics and compliance support

Our trusted logistics partners are ready and waiting to provide all the services you need to enter new markets.

No exclusivity clauses or lock-ins

We’ll create direct relationships between you, our buyers and our logistics partners so you can build an enduring market presence with total control and no restrictions.

Guaranteed market entry strategy

We’ll win your first account with an overseas retailer in 6 months or less or refund your entire investment.
Our trusted logistics partners



Choose the package that works for you…


Best Value
  • 10% sales commission
  • 100% money back guarantee
  • FREE account management


Budget bundle
  • 20% sales commission
  • 100% money back guarantee
  • FREE account management
All fees stated exclude VAT. Payments are managed by direct debit and protected by the Direct Debit Guarantee.
Money back guarantee excludes third party fees typically less than £950 prior to winning your first account.

Your 100% money-back guarantee

Our partners work with us by invitation only. We will only invite you to work with us if we genuinely believe our retailers will want to buy your products.

In fact we’re so committed to ensuring your success, we guarantee to secure your first account with an overseas retailer in 6 months or less. Or we’ll refund your entire investment.

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